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Very Inspiring Blogger Award Post That I Eventually Got Around to Writing!

ImageI really don’t know if the lovely (not to mention brutally honest, super funny and downright awesome) Cookie86 at I have an opinion I’d like to share and the not-quite-crazy-but-getting-there Desiree (did I mention she was also extremely funny and an incredibly awesome mum too?) at Of Moms and Monsters actually realise how pretty damn awesome they made me feel when they nominated me for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. Even though it’s taken me over a week to get to this post, I’m still grinning about it. The point of this award is to acknowledge someone whose blog you enjoy reading and for that person to, in turn, pay it forward and list their favourites too. I’m a little excited about doing this – I’d love to give someone else the same feeling and stupid-happy-grin that Cookie and Desiree gave me!

Before we start, here are the rules:

  1. Display the logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
  5. Notify your nominees by linking to their blogs so they get notified by ping-back.

Okay, being wordpress-blog-challenged, it has already taken me a stupid amount of time to get this far but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the first two covered now (and I know how to do the link things now! Finally!) So we’re up to 7 things about me. Wow, this is hard. I write far more about my kids than I do myself because I never know what to say about me. But… Here we go…

  1. I started this first one 17 minutes ago. And got as far as 1. – I kid you not. So, for number one, I guess I should tell you… I am easily distracted and extremely forgetful. Though I think that’s something of an understatement. I forget what I’m saying mid-sentence, at least twice a day. I walk into a room thirteen times before I realise what I’m going in there for. I have set the smoke alarm off on more than one occasion (okay, 20. Maybe more.) because I’m cooking dinner and wander off to do something else while it simmers. I hairdry uniforms that have been left outside in the rain overnight. If they actually get washed at all. I could probably spend another two days adding to this list, but I’m bored of it now…
  2. I am a list freak. This does relate to number one, obviously, but it goes much deeper than that. I have lists for everything – not just the general shopping and to-do lists – but everything.  I have lists of movies, books and games I own, stuff to pack when the kids go to their dad’s house, my housework routines, meals to cook for the next month, Christmas present ideas, things to do with the kids during school holidays, stuff I want to sell on eBay (I could just, you know, put the damn things on eBay)… you get the picture. Currently my iPad holds 17 apps solely used for creating lists (I recommend Paperless, by the way – create multiple lists!)
  3. I am obsessed with stationery. I have more stationery items than I could ever possibly use in my lifetime (though, strangely, do not have a list of these items). Pens, rulers, notebooks, an insane amount of highlighters given the fact that I never have the need to highlight anything… just yesterday I gave the Diva a hole-punch after discovering I have four of them. But I would still go out shopping for stationery tomorrow if given the chance.
  4. I am extremely disorganised. Given my penchant for lists and stationery, you’re probably surprised. But I am honestly more likely to create a list of things to take to a dentist appointment than I am to write the appointment down in one of my many calendars. Luckily, the dentist will text me the morning of my appointment. I wish everyone else did too.
  5. I love being scared. Not as in psycho killer at my bedroom window kind of scared… but psycho killer on the tv making me think that there probably will be a psycho killer at my bedroom window in the near future kind of scared. I love all things horror – I don’t care if a movie has no plot, bad acting and a script that my three-year-old could have written – if it makes me check under the bed before turning out the lights, it’s a damn good movie.
  6. I am a night owl and I hate mornings with a passion. My usual bedtime is around 2am. Midnight is considered an early night and 4am is a late one. My record for how long I can hit a snooze button for stands at 1 hour and 14 minutes.  This will never be broken as I no longer own (or plan to buy) a dumbass alarm clock that lets you hit snooze for over an hour. If I’ve spent an entire hour hitting snooze, it’s time for you to shut the hell up.
  7. I complain about my kids a lot. It’s easy to put into words how much they frustrate me, and I have no trouble communicating the various (and numerous) escapades they get up to, which will invariably send me into a strait jacket one day. What I struggle to say sometimes is how much I love them… there are no words strong enough to describe the way I feel about these incredible, amazing, beautiful, brilliant, inspiring little people that I share my life and all of my heart with.

Wow. I hope you enjoyed reading all of that – it took an excruciating amount of time and thought to write! On to the next part – those bloggers who inspire me. I must admit I am new to all of this and don’t have nearly enough time to read all of the blogs that I love, and every day I discover some new writer that makes me long for an ounce of their talent with words. Here is what I am reading (and loving!) at the moment (in alphabetical order, of course) – please check them out if you have a moment.

Anne Marie East
Bad Parenting 101
Beginner’s Guide to a Nervous Breakdown
Carrie Blueberry
Daily Ramblings of a Confused Mind
Fat Mum Slim
Inside the Mind of an Aspie
Normal is the New Boring
Parenting and Stuff
Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane
These Are the Days

You may have noticed that I have only listed 11, instead of the required 15. I could find another 4 random blogs to throw in this list, but it’s more important to me to put those down that have made me think, or feel, or act… those that truly have inspired me. And to make it up to 13, both Cookie and Desiree who nominated me, also belong on this list. Keep up the great work.

One thought on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award Post That I Eventually Got Around to Writing!

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! As soon as Jp gets better I swear I’m going to catch up on your blog! I’m excited to learn more about your wonderfully hilarious family!

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